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Global Precision Medical Summit: There are highlights, big coffee, and sofra

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The Global Precision Medical (China) Summit was organized by Shanghai Fenglin Life and Health Industry Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Fenglin Group), American-Chinese Medicine Development Association (SAPA), and Shanghai Wanyi Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. Wanyi Exhibition) co-hosted.
Shanghai Biomedical Science and Technology Industry Promotion Center, Shanghai Biomedical Industry Association, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Center, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Shanghai Medical Quality Research Center, Pudong New Area Translational Medicine Alliance, Huada Gene, Shanghai Xinshengyuan Pharmaceutical Group, Flint Create a joint co-organizer.
Zhejiang Shuohua Life Science Research Co., Ltd. (stock short name: Shuohua Life; Securities Code: 838540), which was just listed on the National Financial Center of Beijing Financial Street on November 11th, was invited to participate in the exhibition and showcase its The results of the "big article in a small test tube".
At the opening ceremony of the summit, more than 800 experts and leaders from the field of life and health gathered in Xuhui. At the opening ceremony, the Standing Committee of Xuhui District Committee and the head of the district party Fang Shizhong delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers.