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48-hole SBS external rotation cryotube




SBS standard plate racks are arranged in 6*8 array, which can be used in conjunction with laboratory automation equipment (liquid workstations, automated refrigerators, etc.)

Two-color injection molding process, the bottom laser etched international standard Datamatrix two-dimensional code cryo-storage tube, no risk of falling/scratching, good stability, preset one-dimensional bar code on the side, clear code number and writing area

The plate frame is made of high-strength polycarbonate (PC) material, with simple and sturdy mechanical locking function, which is convenient for high-throughput automatic operation

Pneumatic sealing design of pipe cover, firm sealing, not easy to leak

The internal U-shaped bottom design is conducive to the full use of samples

Using medical grade pure polypropylene material that meets USP Class VI standards, it is resistant to high temperature and pressure, and can be frozen and thawed many times

Produced in a class 100,000 clean workshop, sterilized by gamma ray irradiation, SAL-10-6

No DNase, no RNase, no pyrogen, no endotoxin, no cytotoxicity

The design of the sealed bag can be opened repeatedly to ensure the sterile state after packaging

Tolerable temperature range: -196℃-121℃, safe storage of gas phase liquid nitrogen


Product specifications:

Catalog number Original number capacity description Packing Packing specification Qty
131741 T6301 1ml Four yards on white 48pcs/box 12 boxes/color box, 4 color boxes/carton 2304
134741 T6303 1ml Four yards on white 48pcs/bag    
131841 T6401 2ml Four yards on white 48pcs/box 12 boxes/color box, 4 color boxes/carton 2304
134841 T6403 2ml Four yards on white 48pcs/bag    
156561 T3054 / Freezer box / / 100



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